About Me


Kylie Elliot is a social media strategist interested in communications and the use of emergent platforms to reach target audiences. As an Account Executive for Allen Hall Public Relations, a student run firm at the University of Oregon, she works with other team members to help create successful public relations and social media strategies for clients in the Eugene/ Springfield area. She was in charge of creating a social media calendar for her client, JAJ enterprises, a company that makes windshield glass for cars. In addition, she uses her instinct for professional networking to arrange guest speakers to come speak to the student group and helps to run the social media accounts of the group.

Kylie Elliot originally learned her skills from being Vice President of Communications of her sorority, Pi Beta Phi, at the University of Oregon. In this position she was able to use different platforms of social media to show her chapters’ accomplishments. She was also in charge of writing a short newsletter four times during the year about the chapter’s accomplishments for the organizations national magazine.

During the summer of 2016 she was also involved in a Wine Marketing program where she traveled to Siena, Italy. While there she was able to help create a marketing and social media plan for a local Italian winery.

Kylie Elliot is set to graduate in June of 2018 with a bachelors of science in public relations with a minor in sociology.



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