How is PR changing?

Public relations is an ever changing industry that needs to continue evolving in order to survive. In order for it to be a relevant industry, it needs to keep growing and changing into something that fits the climate of the time. Once it stops changing and becoming something new it will be impossible for the industry to continue on. There are certain companies that really take the lead on pulling the industry out from the traditional and are making it into a more progressive industry day by day. Below I discuss some companies that I came across who are doing exactly that.

The first company is Influence & Co. which is a tech-enabled content marketing agency that companies hire to work with their employees to help create and distribute content all over the internet. This site helps their clients figure out and control their message, get placement in good publications and build industry influence. It uses a ton of data analytics tools to get this information and has a huge digital tool box for figuring out real value and finding measurable ROI. This is helping to progress the public relations field because it is getting around the problem that traditional PR have of not being able to get hands on measurable digital results that they can show to clients.

The next company that we are looking at is AirPR which is a company that provides businesses with PR management software to help them track the success of all of the work that they are doing. Like I mentioned above it is very difficult to be able to get real-time ROI and other tangible evidence of the success that a company is having with a certain campaign. The software helps companies see what campaigns and tactics have the most engagement and are actually delivering a solid ROI to the company. This is advancing the public relations field because it is making it easier for companies to figure out what tactics are worth their time and effort based on the actual return that they are receiving.

The last company we are going to look at is BAM Communications a company that specializes in tech and innovation for public relations companies. They make it easier for the companies that they work with to find their target audience and be able to communicate with them well enough to boost sales. They are so confident in their abilities to help the companies that they work with that they have a guarantee on their website that claims that is you do not see results within the time frame that was set, the company will do the rest of the work for free until those results have been met. This is important because more and more PR companies will realize that focusing on a certain industry and core competencies rather than the one size fits all full-service PR plan will make it easier to connect with their target audience and will boost returns and engagement.

Thankfully for the PR industry, there has been a big shift between just complaining about what is wrong with the industry and actually taking steps to rewrite the way that the industry functions as a whole. This is important because it means that the industry as a whole is evolving for the better as people figure out what they need from companies like the ones I mentioned above. Hopefully, this new innovation will result in more faith in the industry because there will be actual results for people to put their faith in, instead of just relying on the public relations companies and professionals.


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