Where would PR be without Twitter?

How did public relations work before social media was available to the public? Now so many people and companies get news across to their audience by using social media to communicate that we can’t remember what it was like before social media. Would the public relations field have grown in the same way if it were not for social media or would it have become stagnant? Social media has completely changed the way that we live our everyday lives in general but it really has changed the public relations field drastically.

We currently live in a world where people are glued to technology and their social media accounts. People are constantly connecting with each other and companies through social media and it is how a lot of the younger generation get their news and information. Everyone is always pushing and pulling information in and out through social media outlets and technology. Twitter is one of the most used social medias especially for getting news and having companies connect with their audiences. Because of the growth of social media, public relations is a hugely growing field, which it would not be otherwise. So if it were not for sites like Twitter, would public relations survived?

According to this website that tracks Twitter usage every second there are about 6,000 tweets sent out, which averages out to about 500 million tweets per day. The sheer amount of tweets being sent out everyday is massive and the number is kind of hard to wrap your head around. Now obviously no all of these are sent out for the purpose to public relations or advertising, but a lot of them definitely have that underlying message behind them. Public relations professionals want to use social media to be able to convey something about their client and convince their audience to buy their product, use their service or do whatever else they are promoting. Companies can also use social media to see what their competitors are doing that is working well with clients and to meet new potential clients and audience members.

The problem here is as much as Twitter is a great tool for social media public relations, it may not last forever. Social media is ever changing and you cannot rely too much on one social media site, you have to be able to adapt. So the question is, when Twitter changes or there is a new social media site that is being used more, how will that change how public relations professionals do their jobs?

Many public relations professionals feel that although they enjoy Twitter and feel like it is useful, being adaptive and open to change needs to be second nature to a public relations professional. If it was suddenly no longer around people in the public relations profession would have to be able to find a new way to be able to connect and communicate with others in the community and their audience. Of course public relations was already a field before social media took off so many feel that they would just go back to doing things the way they did before social media. It is always interesting to look at how social media has affected different parts of our lives and the public relations field is no exception.



One thought on “Where would PR be without Twitter?

  1. Great images. I like your professional tone. Watch out small errors and use more links. Your opinion is great but I’ll come back to your blog for the resources you provide. Could include links about Vine or other platforms that have gone away. More to explore for sure.


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