The do’s and don’ts of social media

With social media growing bigger every day it is important for companies and individuals to keep in mind what is appropriate and what is not for their personal image on social media. We see many mistakes on social media everyday because people do not know how to properly use it even after having it around for so many years. Many companies and individuals have made the mistake of putting something out on social media only to have it backfire because it is inappropriate or their audience does not understand it. There are many things that people are still getting wrong on social media but here are the top things that companies and people are still doing on social media:

To start, a company or person must identify their target audience. If a company or person is not aware of their audience, it is impossible to properly direct content. The content will be scattered and it will be a waste of time to even post it, because nothing will get accomplished through scattered posting. Your audience will not understand the message you are trying to convey because you are not fully connected to them.

Next a company or person who is trying to establish their own brand cannot just use the same content across every social media platform. Every social media platform is designed for a different kind of content so therefore the same content should not be used on every account, otherwise your audience will get bored with seeing the same content over and over.

You also want to make sure that nothing that you are posting is inappropriate. Someone may think that they are funny but their intended audience may not understand the joke that is being told and it may come off as offensive. Donald Trump for example before he became president tweeted some things that he might have found funny but that offended a lot of people on social media.

It is also important when managing your social media accounts to make sure you have a plan as to what content you will be posting and to make sure you put energy into the correct plan. A company needs to make sure they have experienced people working on their social media and make sure that they have a proper plan on what is going to be posted on each account.

Lastly in order to keep your audience engaged a company or person must make sure to respond to their audience on social media. If a company or person does not respond to comments or posts from their audience, the audience will lose interest and not continue to follow your brand.

All of these mistakes are important to crisis communication through social media. A person or company may be able to avoid a crisis in general if they make sure they are not making these mistakes. But even if a crisis does occur as long as they have these parts of social media under control, they should be able to respond properly to the situation at hand. Companies and people who are trying to build their own personal brands need to make sure they have these mistakes under control to be able to put their best foot forward on social media to their audience.


One thought on “The do’s and don’ts of social media

  1. I really enjoy the content of this post. However, the large blocks of text could be a turn-off for some readers. Maybe heading some large headings with a format similar to a list could help to keep the readers engaged.


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