Welcome to Making Mountains out of Molehills

As an aspiring public relations professional and social media enthusiast I am looking to use this blog to expand my skills with writing and website editing. I will be using this blog to post twice weekly for one of my public relations classes in the School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon. Each week I will have one post related to a topic given by my professor, Kathryn Kuttis, and one that I chose to write about myself.

For my own personal posts, I will be posting about how companies and individuals use social media to manage ongoing crisis. As a student at the school of Journalism and Communications who is interested in crisis communications, which is a hard field to get hands on experience in as a student, I will be taking a closer look at different case studies and examples in the real world through the lens of a student in the pr world. I hope that this blog gives other students with an interest in crisis communications an insight into the industry that they would not be able to get otherwise.

As Vice President of Communications for Pi Beta Phi I was in charge of writing a short submission four times a year for the organizations national magazine and was also in charge of managing our chapter’s website. I was also in charge of writing and editing multiple blog posts for the Allen Hall Public Relations blog. These tasks have given me experience in both writing and website design which I think will help me in running this blog successfully. Although I do have some experience in writing and running a website I am looking forward to this opportunity to be able to improve my skills and use them in a more public relations based setting.


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